Friday, February 20, 2009

Sign of Things to Come?

Got to love this. Kyrgyszstan has issued an eviction notice to the United States to vacate Manas airbase within 180 days. I guess their attempt to get part of the stimulus bill fell through in the negotiations. On a serious note, if Manas does go away it leaves only one supply line into Afghanistan through Pakistan. Pakistan, a country unraveling as I type this as al-Qaeda/Taliban gobbles up more of the country. Pakistan that candidate Obama promised to invade. President Obama just may have to invade Pakistan to keep the supply lines open so the expanded US military presence in Afghanistan does not starve and fail.

Welcome to the big leagues President Obama, it ain't the campaign trail.


LEGION said...

He's gonna fall down hard and go boom boom on this issue. He's had some minor trip ups but this will be a big one. Spinners will blame Bush of course but the public may get wise in time for the 2010 elections so we can hamstring him till we vote him out. That's the plan anyway.

Anna said...

Lets get shoveling, this is truly a shovel-ready project that can lead to economic salvation.