Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Amatuer in Charge

Not even a month and the image of Barack Obama as President has become much clearer. Unfortunately, what he is projecting is not Mr. World Leader but more like a mongrel cur begging for attention.

The first clue came when he signed the Executive Order promising to close Gitmo in a year. He had no clue what the plan was for dealing with the prisoners after the closing nor did his advisors, yet he still signed the thing.

When he asked other countries to house some of the prisoners when Gitmo closes, the answers were illuminating. France only wants the non-dangerous ones, not surprising since their dangerous ones are burning cars. Italy flatly said no since there are no Italians incarcerated.

While France and Italy were closing their doors to the Obama overture about Gitmo. Obama himself was busy barricading a door that has stood open for more than half a century symbolizing steadfast alliance. The President has managed to annoy our long time ally the United Kingdom with just one action. Without prompting from Britain, he cavalierly returned to the UK a bust of Sir Winston Churchill that has been in the Oval Office since 9/11 when it was loaned to the United States. Not sure what to do with this unasked return, the bust now resides in the UK ambassador’s office.

He spent much of the campaign advocating the invasion of Pakistan. Now the country is unraveling. So it comes as no surprise when President Obama asked Pakistan to keep the father of the Pakistan atomic bomb A.Q. Khan in prison least he pass more nuclear secrets to North Korea or Iran, Pakistan let him go free.

His first interview with a foreign news service was with Al-Jazeera. When his pre-written speech was parsed for meaning, it was very simplistic. He basically told the radical Islamic world to give him a chance to show how nice he can be to them.

The new U.S ambassador to the U.N. just apologized to the likes of Libya and Cuba for not being nice to their countries under the Bush administration. Meanwhile they sent praise to Venezuela for the people striking down term limits so Hugo Chavez can try to become despot for life.

Vice President Biden went to Munich to meet with European allies and Iran to try and get Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions. Instead Iran launches a satellite and proceeds ahead to becoming a regional nuclear superpower.

The piece de la resistance in lap-doggery has to be the newly enacted stimulus bill. When one wades through the 1,000+ pages of it, this size rivals that of the still stalled EU Constitution when collated, one does not see President Obama’s fingerprints on it. With all the little earmarks and special allocations, one sees the greedy and grasping claws of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Harry Reid, and their Congressional allies on it. But like a well trained circus act, he signed it.


Rose said...

It is a tragedy of the highest order!

But at least it isn't going unnoticed that The O, while preaching to us all about doing our part and cutting back, flew his new jet to go out to dinner in Chicago... even though we pay for a chef for him at The White House.

Anna said...

2010 is the watershed year. When We the People wrest control of at least Congress back from the spendaholics that currently infest DC.

Lets get busy using those shovels to dig them out.

Anonymous said...

As far as the stimulus bill goes, nobody, I mean nobody even read it, but everybody signed on. Government for the people by the people? Not anymore!!! The jokers on both sides stuff their pockets with money from special interests groups and when their party of cocktail suppers and galas are over, they'll all be sipping scotch & marguerites while the rest of us scrounge through garbage bins. It's more like Corruption for the People by the Elite a-holes in Washington.

Anna said...

I fear you are right, the ones making the decisions seems to have skipped reading it. Just like that politician in Ireland when quizzed on the EU Constitution he was supporting who had no clue what it said.

Looks like history has repeated itself, stampede the gullible into voting their own destruction.

And we get to ride the handbasket to some very warm regions.

AndyJ said...

Imagine this little bit of dark (maybe not so dark) comedy. We have what, a 1100+ pages of the stimulus bill which nobody has read. The bill is passed and a few days later, someone reads the damn thing and finds out that some joker has inserted deep down in this tome that "Anyone who votes for this bill will be lined up, stripped, tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail"........and then the national guard shows up to enforce the newly signed law. Well, one can dream

Anna said...

LOL I hear you AndyJ. How about deported to Juarez Mexico while we are at it. This thing stinks worse than a four day old fish left out in the sun.