Sunday, February 15, 2009

King Barry and Queen Michelle

The lights glittered as the silverware softly clinked. They looked at each other and smiled. They reveled in their happiness, he was President of the United States and she as First Lady. This allowed them to fly Air Force One back to Chicago for Valentines Day. It had allowed them to secure the best seats in the restaurant and impeccably safe service at Table 52, the pride of Oprah’s former chef Art Smith.

As they dined on upscale versions of catfish, sausage, and jambalaya; the real world walked right past their chic eatery. Average people with hands buried deeply in pockets and hats on their heads to protect them from the cold. Their gaze is cast downward searching for any loose change on the sidewalk as they worry if they will keep their apartment and job. This passed unnoticed by the two as they continued to eat their desert, cake.


Mike's America said...

It does seem a bit extravagant to fly Air Force One out to Chicago for a Valentines Date.

But we know the rules: This kind of flagrant waste of public money is only to be ridiculed if a Republican were to do it.

We can't crticize Obama for doing it... he's black!

Anna said...

Very wasteful but it reinforces the impression that rules only apply to everyone but Obama.

Reality is not kind to those who think they are better.

Rose said...

And what has Barack been saying? How we all have to cut back and sacrifice!

Then he puts on his little Air Force One jacket and plays with his new toys, flies to Chicago for a fancy dinner, like you say, and the CNN anchor gushes that it the FIRST TIME he and Michelle have returned home since moving to the White house! Oh how sweet, like what? 28 days ago?

Bad form.

Anna said...

Roses, its just the One proving he won. By kicking his opponents while they are down. He shows real class every day.