Saturday, January 24, 2009

With One Stroke

In a nod to placate and make happy the far left Western civilisation hating kooks that helped get him elected, President Obama gave them one of their fondest wishes. Club Gitmo will get shut down. Even as he was signing the Executive Order shutting the place down he wondered aloud what will they do with the more dangerous ones. The answer from one of his psychophants was 'we are working on it.' And he still signed the paper. Thus proving Obama is all about style and not the substance of actual thinking about consequences.

While the Obama Administration mulls over what to do with the dangerous ones, lets look at the other two types to emerge from Gitmo. The ones sent to other countries and the ones sent into the US prison system.

First type might get handed over to the likes of Saudi Arabia or Egypt. In the Kingdom of Faud, we might see more of what has already happened. A former Gitmo detainee run through their system of re-education, released, and then rejoined the fight to spread Islam by the sword or IED or AK-47 or bomb-vest. AQ's branch chief in Yemen is such a person. Now Egypt is more simple and more complex, it all depends if President Hosni Mubarek needs the Muslim Brotherhood for anything. So the returned detainees could be tortured never to see the light of day and then suddenly released to fight again.

Now the second type is more interesting and possibly grave enough to turn one's hair gray, assuming one lives. Now suppose one of the dangerous types has slipped through all the screening and is now dumped in an American prison. I will let you the dear reader who has a surfeit of being smacked by reality to contemplate a radical killer amidst other killers in a penal system with so many rights for the prisoner. The term powder-keg springs to mind.

That is the possible future that awaits us all due the stroke of one pen by one man.


Tom said...

And nothing, other than "we're going to study it," reassures the American people that they will remain safe.

I guarantee that should a terrorist attack happen on The One's watch, there will be absolute H*ll to pay.

Anna said...

I sadly agree Tom, hence new post. Lets hope this terrible and bitter cup passes us without being sipped. But the reality of bullies wanting to test the new kid whom they think is a wimp, we will sup and be very saddened.

ANdyJ said...

Anna, Anna haven't you heard? THE WAR ON TERROR IS OVER. The One has proclaimed it so. We are being protected by the rainbow colored unicorns and vaulted diplomacy. I'm still waiting for the water into wine miracle.

Tom- I'm afraid that if an attack happens on his watch, there will be only one person to blame......BUSH, as they have for the last 8 years. I'm afraid that Bush will be the punching bag for things that will happen 20-50 years in the future.

Anna said...

AndyJ, if wishes were unicorns ...
Reality will be far harsher. And the truly sad thing - people of like NYC and LA who do blame Bush may not live to keep blaming him for they will be the slaughtered because Obama slept.

AndyJ said...

Yes, they may be slaughtered, but with the modern trend and progressive group thought, at least they will FEEL GOOD about giving their lives. After all, that many deaths would cleanse Mother Earth of the terrible polluters who are destroying her. And isn't that foremost in their minds? This comment may seem flippant and un-feeling, but seeing the world as it stands now, as compared to 40-50 years ago (Even with the problems that we had back then), it's about time for the big asteroid or the Yellowstone caldera to wipe this earth clean. Maybe starting over with the roaches and rats who would survive, it's possible that things would work out a heck of a lot better than they are now. But in reality, I doubt it. My brother and I routinely have philosophical discussions about modern life and morals (Or lack there of). For the life of us, we can't figure out what Sodom and Gomorra (sp?) did to incur God's wrath, that we do not do hundreds and thousands of times daily. Why are WE still here? Well, enough philosophical ranting. But, if you have any answers, I would be interested in hearing them. Because, as old as we both are, we can't come up with any answers.

Anna said...

AndyJ, ya go me on that one. Though by the end of the year Amadjihadi of Iran will have enough material for one nuclear weapon. If we are lucky he has a stroke trying to decide between Tel Aviv and Washington DC. But I doubt it.