Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's Animal Farm

The classic line from George Orwell's scathing indictment of communism is thus: "Some animals are created more equal than others." How does this apply to the Obama Administration, well lets look:

First there is his Vice President who plagiarized Neil Kinnock's whole life and tried to peddle it as his story. Didn't a couple authors that Oprah was enthralled by turn out to falsify their 'true' stories? Still Biden is Vice President.

Attorney General Eric Holder is someone else that falls into this category. There is the part he played in securing the pardon of wanted Wall Street robber-baron Marc Rich. Meanwhile President Obama has been castigating the greed of Wall Street for this economic meltdown.

Nominee Timothy Geithner can't even correctly fill out his tax forms so he had to pay back-taxes to the IRS. Now he is Obama's selection for Secretary of the Treasury which means he is in charge of the IRS.

Lets look at Carol Browner, she is slated to sit in one of those 600,000 new jobs Obama promised. Her new job will be to coordinate energy and environmental policy for the new administration. When Ms. Browner was running the EPA for President Bill Clinton she defied a court order and had her government computer's hard drive wiped. Apparently her son installed games on it.

While Gates is staying on as Secretary of Defense, its the Deputy Secretary of Defense nominee that is catching fire. This is probably the most glaring example of hypocrisy from the Obama Administration. President Obama one day into his first term signed an Executive Order to shut down the revolving door between being a lobbyist and working in government. William J. Lynn is the nominee but under the new Executive Order he is ineligible due to his connections to Raytheon. So how do they finesse this sticky issue?
White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Thursday that "even the toughest rules require reasonable exceptions."

So ladies and gentlemen I give you Obama's Animal Farm.


truthisgold said...

Anna, well said. Perhaps you would honor us next with a send up a la "Lord of the Flies", followed by, last but not least "Brave New World".

Anna said...

Turthisgold, eerr that is a tall order though the way democrats act it does seem they were raised as feral rabid wolves.

John said...

I enjoyed the Animal Farm blog. I asked for and received fresh copies of Animal Farm and 1984 for Christmas. It is interesting how many people are now discovering the books again. Here is a very good piece you may have all ready read. http://www.alainsnewsletter.com/read.php?sid=118

gourmandine said...

If you liked Animal Farm and Brave New World, you should read This Perfect Day. You'll never get a flu shot again.