Saturday, January 17, 2009

verbage laid bare

Amusing dictionary I stumbled across online, it is called the Fashionable Dictionary. Some gems from it.

Accuracy-Exploded concept. Foolish, Platonic notion that we can get our facts straight.

Aristotle-A famous thief. Stole all his ideas from the library at Alexandria, built after his death, which just goes to show how sneaky he was.

Bigot-Someone who believes something I don't believe. See fanatic.

Determinism-1. Irrevocable when biological. Not so when environmental. 2. An accusation. Normally paired with its twin, reductionist. No need to understand what either of these mean.

Education-Brutal, violent intrusion of arbitrary material into the clean innocent heads of children, which should be left empty.

Horst Wessel song-Rumoured to be the song that some sociobiologists most like to sing.

Inclusive-Very very nice thing to be. Loving and accepting of everyone, except of course linear thinkers, reductionists, determinists and anyone else whose opinions are dangerous.

And the definitions go on. :)

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