Saturday, January 17, 2009

News Round-Up

It seems the cotillion romance between President-elect Obama and the New York Times is wilting faster than Pinch's corsage in the torid heat of his affection for the One. Welcome to being tossed under the bus New York Times, you have plenty of company.

Meanwhile Bulgaria is busy trying to safeguard its Cold War-era Maginot Line after it started to be looted by scrap metal dealers and military collectors. The big tip-off came when a whole WWII German Jagdpanzer IV L/70 vanished, nevermind the huge sum of €2.5million for a tank already in the Blagoy Milanov that Bulgaria refused.

Also on a military bent, the George S. Patton Musuem now has on display a WWI Renault FT17 light tank that was found in Afghanistan in 2003 in a scrapyard. It was in FT17s that Patton started to train Americans in tank warfare in 1917/18 in France.

And on one final note of President-elect Obama, it seems he can't give up his Blackberry or as most call the blasted things - Crackberries. Though for him to keep it may violate Federal law aimed at preserving all of a President's correspondace - can't have another Watergate where a portion of a recording vanished now can we or perhaps the Blackberry suffer the fate of Gov. Palin's Yahoo! account. And besides he is soon to be the President of the United States and there will always be field grade officers around to bring him the phone and when he travels, a whole 747 full of gadgets so he stay in touch.

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