Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wise Gal

They are called wise guys or confidential sources or plants or just plain traitors, but the police have employed undercover agents, be they police officers or criminals seeking a lighter sentence, to secure information to convict criminals. Just ask the now embattled governor of Illinois having his conversations recorded by such a source how he feels. Might get a lot of the f-bomb as answer.

So back in 2003 a jury of twelve convicted John Giuca of having Mark Fisher killed after Fisher sat on a table at a party Giuca and his friends were having. The police describe Giuca and his friends as a gang.

Not wanting to believe her son could do such a thing, Giuca's mother Doreen Giuliano set about finding evidence to exonerate her son. So after staking out several of the jurors Doreen set her sights on juror Allo, a construction worker from Bensonhurst.

In order to get the goods on Allo, Doreen Giuliano went undercover. She went blonde, got trim and tanned. Then she moved into a tiny basement apartment and took the name of Dee Quinn before setting out to 'meet' Allo. What ensued was eight months undercover gaining Allo's trust over wine and marijuana until she hit paydirt. As her digital tape recorder rolled, Allo confessed to her of knowing John's clique and keeping that a secret during jury selection, of reading about the case while a juror, and being the first to say Giuca was guilty.

All of this evidence has been presented to the prosecutor's office for review. Mr. Allo is naturally upset that his trust was betrayed. But his words imply that he went into the deliberation room already convinced Giuca was guilty which could cause the case to be retried. Assuming another motion does not force the issue. An appeal hearing was heard on December 10th in the case about different problems with the trial. A panel of judges sharply questioned an assistant district attorney about errors that may have been committed by the prosecution and the judge. So if its proven the prosecution or judge acted in ways that those judges thought prevented the jury from reaching a verdict, a retrial is very much in the offering and for a greater reason than jury misconduct.

So this 2003 case still has a long road to travel before conclusion. Meanwhile John Giuca sits behind bars serving a 25 to life sentence for second-degree murder. And Mark Fisher's family still lacks closure and justice.


david said...

Is this a classic "not my wonderful son" story? The Giuliano's liked to show off their success by things like a family of 4 living in a 7 bedroom mansion. What's better than raising a "wonderful son." By the way, Mr. Giuliano is the step father, John is Doreen's son and not so wonderful. Runs ins with the police--it was just fire crackers, no, it was a gun---and the drug arrest was "nothing", just a small amount, they were out to get my boy!!
The night of the party the parents were in Florida, John had the house full of under age drinkers, including his 15 year old half brother, and yes, there were illegal drugs. The Fisher boy was foiund dead wrapped in a rug from the Giuliano's house, and guess what, John, the Giuliano's, the party animals, nobody knows nothing about it. "Not my boy!"
So momma turns herself into a bleach blond slut, spends eight months using sex, booze and illegal drugs (the family seems to like illegal drugs) gets some poor dope to talk about a 3 year old murder trial. So now, since one of twelve jurors was less than honest, my boy is innocent!!! Please!
How does "this evidence", exonerate her son??????

Anna said...

David, did you fail reading comprehension? In no part of my post did I say anything about Giuca being exonerated by this.

If there was prosecutorial misconduct or jury misconduct in the trial that convicted Giuca, then he did not receive a fair trial and should be retried on the charges.

david said...

Darling read your third paragraph.