Wednesday, December 10, 2008

News Round-Up

Some high points or low points that are in the news.

Looks like Brilliant Pebbles are still viable for BMD. Go MKV!

Its Photoshop I tell you! I was framed! So claims a Boston councilman caught on videotape by the FBI accepting $1000 in his office. No one ever said politicians were bright. Just crafty on occasion. Meanwhile Wilkerson was caught on film stuffing the bribe in her bra, no word if she will claim the cleavage is Photoshopped.

Has Hollywood decided to make a remake of that classic drug comedy film of Cheech&Chong called UP in Smoke? Agents in Arizona have confiscated a phony UPS truck that had a ton of pot in it. Driver managed to escape and no word if any drug-dogs got stoned.

And finally it seems the DoD panic over the USB thumb-drives has a point of origin. And it does not look good for the US military. It seems to have originated in Afghanistan at a local ISP, was carried by thumb-drive to the military network, and somehow got to the secure network. Fox News with Brit Humes reported today the actual ISP was a front company run by former FSB/KGB agents. Vladimir Putin is also a former KGB agent. Hhhmmm.

That is a wrap for the news today.

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