Saturday, November 08, 2008

Obama's Service Corps

It seems President elect Obama has backed away from a bold promise made by candidate Obama. During the campaign Obama stated he would 'require' high school and college students to perform a set number of hours of community service and get paid $4000 in tuition assistance.

Now President elect Obama has changed his tune on this matter. It seems its no longer required by the Obama administration, but something to be encouraged. Right.

I guess the original proposal struck a chord in some people's memories. I am not talking of 1930's Germany, but of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. When the Young Pioneers, children, being indoctrinated to be good Soviets, would be sent out to the collective farms to assist in the harvest. These were called Hero Projects and were portrayed as these glorious efforts to help the Rodina. When in fact they were attempts to use young people as forced labor in an attempt to save harvests from the failure collectivization and central planning had made reality.

In Obama's original idea, the Hero Projects would be the saving of the inner cities and disadvantaged areas by mandatory community service. All in an effort to save the failed socialist policies that created these blights in the first place. To doctrinaires like Obama socialism did not fail, just the application; so they want to give it another go. Lets make sure Obama and his merry band of collaborators never get the chance.

"You cannot make the past go away by turning your back on it or refusing to look at it." - Heinz Nordhoff.

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