Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Birth Certificate

This is an issue that seems President elect Obama cannot escape. I would say its like the draft dodging issue that hounded President Bill Clinton during his entire administration, but this charge is more severe and basic since this controversy has called into question Obama's claim of natural born citizenship.

In case it has escaped people who still cherish the dream of Barack Hussein Obama being born in Kenya, the government of Hawaii has come forward to say his Hawaiian birth certificate is legit. The Republican governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle and a friend of Gov. Sarah Palin, has told the media she has seen the birth certificate and that is it legitimate.

This should lay to rest this meme unless one wants to venture even further into fantasy land - that somehow Obama's American family and friends had enough pull in Hawaii to get a forged birth certificate. If you want to chase this chimera, then go for it. Might as well go in search of unicorns then.

As one of the people who has followed the cases against Obama's citizenship, this is a dashing of hopes but reality is reality. We got to give up our cherished security blankets at one time or another. And Obama is now President elect and we get to finally put Obama's promises and policies under the microscope.

If people still want to chase Obama around the Oval Office about his citizenship, there is still the Berg vs Obama, DNC, and FEC case to follow. Back on Oct 28, Judge Surrick dismissed Philip Berg's case in a 34 page ruling that can be boiled down to Judge Surrick did not think Berg adequately proved how he would be harmed by the Obama campaign for the Presidency. Since this ruling is based on a seemingly subjective technicality, the honorable Philip Berg is busy appealing. Luckily Berg's case is not just based on the birth certificate, but also Obama's childhood in Indonesia and whether he lost his natural born citizenship at that time. So this story still has a few legs to run on and a few hounds still on the scent.

And if Berg's case produces more fireworks I will probably come back to cover it. But the Hawaiian birth certificate issue is dead.

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