Saturday, October 11, 2008


There are just a few weeks left before November 4 and perhaps some kind of closure.

While people are bemoaning Sen. McCain as spinless for saying there is nothing to fear from President Obama, they are losing sight of the ball. The one thing conservatives and moderates do not need is to provide for the MSM rumour mill as the MSM bangs their hysterical drum of all who oppose Obama are racist reactionaries. I am glad Sen. McCain is not trying to wave the bloody red shirt ala Garabaldi; leave that to the Obama supporters who see Gov. Palin wearing white clothes as some kind of secret signal that the KKK is back.

Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin do not need to invent anything on Sen. Obama. We still have his neighbor and financial buddy Tony Rezko, a convicted felon, feeding Fitzgerald information that may take down the Chicago political machine. Sen. Obama may get tallied in the casualty column due to 'friendly' fire if that does go down. There is the matter of all the funny money that has been funneled into Sen. Obama's presidential campaign, as the previously noted New York Times article intimates; the Republicans are complaining that as much as $210million of the $450million Sen. Obama has raised maybe tainted. Then we have his multi-year involvement with ACORN and their support of him; ACORN should stand for A Criminal Organization Ripping-off a Nation - after all the Democrats in Congress keep funneling them tax money so they can register 7-year-olds as 27-year-olds or registering homeless people. Lifelong Democrat and NAACP memeber Philip Berg in the Keystone state is fighting a legal battle to see if Sen. Obama is Constitutionally qualified to be POTUS. And notice, not one mention of Weather Underground bomb-maker and Chicago college professor William Ayers nor Rev. Jerimiah Wright or Louis Farrakhan. Nixon leaving the White House after Watergate and Spiro Agnew's conviction did not have this much baggage.

And as a what if to think on. What if the Berg lawsuit sinks Obama as being President. Or Rezko's testimony nabs Obama an indictment. Or ACORN gets slapped with RICO and Obama is indicted as a co-conspirator. If its before November 4th, will the DNC try to run Biden as the top of the ticket? Will the DNC go groveling on their knees to ask Sen. Clinton, in a truly act of selflessness, to pick up the baton of candidacy? Or lets say the indictments happen after Nov 4th but before the Electoral College convenes. What then, does Obama get yanked and Biden shoved forward? Will the Electors transfer their non-binding votes to Biden or vote for someone else? Or it all goes down just before the Innaguration on January 20th, 2009. Preisdent Joe Biden will start his term under a cloud of corruption and then have to put to the Senate his selection for VP.

We have these kinds of headaches to look forward to because the DNC and the Democrat caucus process chose the glib poster child of their idea of affirmative action. Instead of giving the nomination to Sen. Clinton, the known quantity.

No wonder the Chinese consider interesting times a curse.

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