Saturday, October 11, 2008

The 0 has the Barbarian Vote Locked Up

Just found this over on the Hillary Clinton Forum, fine PUMA establishment, from Moon Child. Like her I think part of me just died that people can think this way. Or maybe part of my faith in this Republic surviving died.

I will quote it in its entirety. Moon Child lives in the DC area.

I was working at my theatre and two of the ushers were talking trash about Palin as well as saying "Sure, Obama has connections to the corrupt Chicago machine. ..but who cares?" They KNOW he's corrupt. They just no longer care. About Ayers? They just want people to STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM. They even said that they knew Ayers was bad, but they just wanted people to stop talking about it so Obama could win against the "anti Obama media". No, this is what Obots actually think.

I wish I could say that was the worst of it, but it isn't. It really isn't.

I started complaining about this to a Republican co worker. He comforted me, then called Obama "Obama bin Laden". Now, I loathe Obama, but that's just plain not cool, and I told him as much. The Obots overheard and agreed with me. I added "Besides, he's more of a fascist then a Muslim, anyways."

"You mean Hitler? Oh! Speaking of Hitler the odd thing about Hitler-"

"I was talking about Mussolini."

"Nah, he acts more like Hitler," said the OBOT WHO SUPPORTED OBAMA. He then added, "You know, between Hitler and Mussolini, Hitler acts the most like Jesus. I mean, NO dictator acts like Jesus, but Hitler acts the most like him." He said this knowing that my father was a Jew.

To my surprise, the other Obot added "Yeah, Hitler's my kind of fascist. I mean, I identify with him *so* much!"

Since I study Hitler, it took until the car ride home for that conversation to really sink in. But when it did, a part of me died inside.

In the past, I would just type on this website. Now, I'm motivated to actively campaign for McCain. I hope this story motivates bench sitters to campaign for McCain as well.

Thinking Christ, Hitler, and Obama are similar. Barbarians the lot of them. And Moon Child I am sorry you had to run into idiots like that from both sides of the aisle.

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