Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who's Witchhunt is This?

That is a question many citizens of the Last Frontier are wondering after last Friday's revelations in regards to Gov. Palin's firing of Commissioner Monegan.

The jaw dropper came when the supposedly independent investigator Branchflower admitted that all questions in regards to the twelve subpoenas should be directed to state Senator French. When pressed for why one name was dropped from the list, Branchwater said he "would have to defer that question to Mr. French."

So being earnest and involved citizens, five of them have filed a civil lawsuit against Sen. French, Branchflower, and other parties for misuse of state money in what appears to be a partisan lynching. The court has ordered Branchflower to reply to this lawsuit within twenty days, which lobs this in the middle of French's much publicized 'October surprise' window. Did I fail to mention Sen. French has given money to the Obama campaign?

Meanwhile, after waiving confidentiality, Gov. Palin has released to the press all the memos and emails surrounding the firing of Monegan. It seems Trooper Wooten, the drunken step-son tasering wife-beating cause celeb that gave rise to the Troopergate name, is merely a crinoline petticoat to cover a naked attempt to destroy Gov. Palin's character and career. What the documents do show is Monegan colluding with Sen. French to restore pet projects that Gov. Palin had vetoed. Which is ample cause to fire a subordinate, disloyalty.

Suddenly Sen. French and his 'comprehensive' investigation is becoming more akin to a newbie hunter going after a Kodiak with a Remington 700 in .223 cal. A death wish that will result in many ruined reputations and careers, starting with Sen. French himself. I wish the citizens suing Sen. French and his cronies the best of luck, I think they have the bigger gun and the better case than Sen. French has in going after Gov. Palin.


Tom said...

This is just getting better and better....

...and worse for the Dems.

Anna said...

The image of Keystone Cops comes to mind Tom.

Pelosi's mismanagement. Reid not knowing which banks tanked. Obama acting like the second coming. Rangel being chased by the IRS.

Should go back to 2006 and dig out cartoon of the Dems acting like they just got the keys to the candy store. And they proved that.

Mike's America said...

You might have seen the photo I got from the Obama web site showing half the Dems involved in this "investigation" at an Obama event.

Politics as usual from the man who promised "change."

Anna said...

I saw that picture Mike, its called conflict of interest.

And people will try to hide behind the bipartisan call for investigation of Gov. Palin by those 14, ten of which are Republicans. Should dig into those ten' history to see if Gov. Palin stepped on what they thought were their perks. I bet so and this is attempted payback.