Sunday, September 14, 2008

Purple Minnesota

I wonder how many of the writers and editors of the Star Tribune started to book flights to Canada while working on the political refugee paperwork when this poll came out.

Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama both have 45% of the vote in this poll of likely voters. McCain has surged 13%. And Obama and his 527 allies will be forced to spend money they need in swing states to shore up what is supposed to be a slam-dunk state. Remember Mondale only won Minnesota when Reagan crushed him.

I guess I better stock up on more popcorn and soda, this roller coaster isn't done yet. While the other side will probably stock up on Pepto-Bismol. And this wild ride probably wont stop until the first Wednesday in November.


Legion said...

50 State sweep for McCain/Palin- crush the enemy- keep their liberal marxist socialist nazi commie policies from ever popping up again!

Anna said...

LOLOL just as long as the people voting for McCain/Palin do not become complacent and stay home.

If they do vote in droves, then yes they drive the Democrats before them, wailing in lamantation.

chicagodudewhotrades said...

I don't think it will be a 50-state sweep, but I have said that Obama could be this decade's Mcgovern. If that happens, it will be close to 50 states. Joe Liberman was right, the Dems left him, he didn't leave the Dems. If Obama loses the party has nobody to blame but themselves.

Anna said...

ChiDude, the death throes of the Democrat Party maybe in the offering. Even with the markets teetering, Sen. Obama's lead is evaporating and his team lacks any clues to correct this.

Some are wishing to dump Sen. Biden for Sen. Clinton. Talk about delusional. If Sen. Obama even offers it, he is doomed because it will show how wimpy he is.