Sunday, September 21, 2008

Special Song Dedication

To the one time Saturday Night Live alumni who is trying to become a U.S. Senator, this song is dedicated to you. For your horrible skit depicting Todd Palin as a monster preying upon his own daughters. Frak off!

I hear Woody Allen was not available for comment on this skit.


AndyJ said...

I think that it is past time that Obama's family be targets of conservative ridicule. Maybe portraying his daughters as young getto sluts and/or crack whores and his wife as the typical ghetto welfare queen with her pimp husband putting her out on the street to earn drug money, now that would be appropriate.

BUT No..........we conservatives are much more civilized and intelligent than the thug liberals seem to be and that would never happen in real life.

But just think how the messiah would scream and moan if that were to happen to his family what a hypocrite and fool.

Anna said...

Double standards AndyJ. Sandra B can call Sarah Palin all kinds of names. Rep. Rangel can call her politically disabled. Then this SNK skit. They like destroying people because they know if they ever truly discussed their socialist policies, tar&feathering would be the least of their worries.

AndyJ said...

I hope that when Ms. Palin becomes VP and maybe in the future, the president, that she has a LONG memory and remembers all of these a$$holes and can repay them all back for their "kindness"

Anna said...

Vice President Palin will be enough revenge because all these people will die of venom poison as their fangs strike their own flesh.