Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mission Hubble

This video is dedicated to the crews of Atlantis and Endeavour as both shuttles are readied for launch. Atlantis is scheduled to liftoff on October 10th to carry out another repair mission to the 18 year old Hubble Space Telescope. This mission is fraught with danger since if Atlantis is damaged the crew maybe stranded at Hubble and far away from the International Space Station. In case the seven crew of Atlantis need such a rescue, Endeavour has been rolled out to Launch Pad 39B where it will wait. If the rescue alarm is sounded, the earliest Endeavour will launch is six days after. Baring technical glitches or something as dramatic as Ironman One's rescue vehicle from Marooned - launching while in the eye of a hurricane; NASA will have as long as 25 days to effect such a rescue before air runs out aboard Atlantis.

To Altman and the crew of Atlantis, safe voyage and a successful mission to Hubble. To Leinbach and the crew of Endeavour, may your services not be needed. All of you have the Right Stuff.

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