Sunday, September 07, 2008

Packaging Vs Reality

It is probably terribly bewildering and confusing for all those smart boffins on the liberal side of the political divide in the United States right now. After all they have a bloke who will heal the Earth and end partisanship as their candidate. They know he will save them from another four years of the criminal Bush government - psst its not Bush you are running against. So it has to be disquieting and demoralising to see their candidate shuffled off the headlines while others less deserving bask in the media limelight.

But that is what is happening in the United States. The Democrat's presidential candidate has almost been relegated to role of Banquo's ghost. A very unhappy Banquo's ghost at that. Ever since the Republican Party's candidate announced who his running mate will be, things have been retrograding for the progressives' hero rather precipitously.

Lets explore this matter of how this unpleasantness came to pass for our intrepid Democrats. How could they be losing, after all they have as their candidate a 'bright, articulate, and clean' chap; his running mate has said so. Cast adrift at an early age in the cornfields of Iowa and the pineapples of Hawaii as his father abandoned him and his mother went on her own Hero's quest, their hero rose above such dire circumstances. He found his own teachers who guided him through his difficult times, from Comrade Marshall in Hawaii to Alinsky's 'Ten Steps to World Domination' and Rev. Wright's death to America sermons; he sat at their knee and supp'd deeply on their teachings. The final polishing of his world view was accomplished at Harvard which gave him the credentials he needed to prove his own brilliance. He then ventured forth into the world of politics to battle the dragons. He chose as his allies the Chicago Daley Machine who proceeded to shepperd this promising acolyte. This association brought other benefits to our struggling youthful politician like a palatial residence and stewardship of a trust. All this time he nimbly scooted up the political ladder from a state senator to being the junior U.S. Senator from Lincoln's home state. The ultimate accolade, before Invesco, was 2004 when he gave a keynote speech for then Democrat aspirant John F. Kerry. In hindsight perhaps he should have learned from the fate of Kerry, a faux glamorous Senator trying to wrap the aura of Jack Kennedy about him who floundered and was defeated by a man all true Democrats considered a boob, and not run for the office of President this year.

So who has managed to vex the ascension of the Democrats' anointed one? Certainly not the gentleman sitting in the top slot of the Republican ticket, he is a fellow Senator that has alienated many of the conservative base during his service to the nation. No the person who has many Democrats' knickers badly twisted was an almost complete unknown to these political elites, even though she had recently scored the cover of Vogue magazine. You have heard me right, a female politician has the anointed one and his followers cowering and lashing out blindly. And what a woman she is. Striding out of the frozen wilds of Alaska's vast wilderness, with her Adonis of a husband and five children, comes Sarah Palin with a prim teacher appearance that seems to drive many men wild while also hiding a sharp mind capable of out maneuvering her political opponents. She is no stranger to hunting and conflict: from dressing out a caribou she personally shot to collecting the scalps of corrupt politicians, Palin has seen how the world works and has made a career of making things better. Adding to her allure is her beauty pageant experience and later stint as a TV newscaster. Where she learned teamwork and thinking on her feet, that must stem from her being a starter on her high school basketball team and earning the nickname Sarah Barracuda.

Is it then any wonder why the American populace has enthusiastically embraced Gov. Palin?

Did I mention that she is governor already? If not, what a terrible oversight on my part. For the past two years she has been Governor of the state of Alaska battling with her legislature over budgets and rooting out corruption while the Democrats' candidate has spent the past 18 months seeking to be President while ignoring his duties as Senator. She has put the governor's plane on eBay to save taxpayer money and prefers to drive herself where she need to go. If she needs to fly, then her pilot's license may come in handy.

As I said, America has become enamored with Sarah Palin. She is literally the girl from small town American who went to the big city and made good in a big way. When Sen. Obama is compared against Gov. Palin, American voters know the real deal when they see it. Palin is the real deal to them. Sen. Obama is a faux Rolex in comparison, cheap and tacky.

And Sen. Obama's camp is reinforcing this opinion by their actions. Obama and his surrogates are relentlessly going after Palin in any way possible. And Palin is replying. So the number one of the Democrat ticket is spending alot of valuable media time better spent peddling his message to either responding to things Palin has said or attacking her qualifications. Should I mention that Palin is only the Vice Presidential candidate, that Sen. John McCain is the one Sen. Obama should be spending time on. Chalk this up as another example of how inexperienced Sen. Obama and his campaign are.

All this proves, no matter how pretty the packaging one wraps around a turd people will nose out the truth and reject that which repels them. And a truly phony politician ranks right up there with that turd.

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