Saturday, September 06, 2008

Here We Go Again

I am getting tired of a certain refrain that seems to issue from a certain quarter every four years. In 2000 after President George Bush 'stole' the election from Al Gore, it was muttered loudly. In 2004 when John F. Kerry somehow lost to George Bush, it was again spoken aloud. Now with McCain and Palin in ascendancy; guess what is going on, well besides the seething and usual whining from the progressively annoying, again a phrase is popping up.

Nattering nitwits with no clues are again 'making plans to leave the country' if Sen. McCain becomes President of the United States this November. I have one thing to say to these people: Move already!

People from Cuba cobble anything that floats together and paddle to Florida to get to the United States. People in Europe and across the globe wait years to immigrate. Then there are the illegals swarming across our Southern boarder. All of these people want into the United States because here they have greater freedom both personally and financially than in their home countries.

To the summer citizens vowing to leave, do so and give up your citizenship. There are millions who are willing to die to take your place and make this country even better. So make room for them. Do I hear crickets now? Yes I do because these people are so feckless, even if they think this country is horrible they know deep down how good they really have it and are afraid to give up their easy existence here in the United States.

Unless these summer citizens put their money where their diatribe is, the currency of their given word is worthless. And so too is anything they do or allegedly stand for. Certainly a miserable existence that they have brought upon themselves and only by redeeming their word will they redeem everything else.


Mike's America said...

Maybe George Soros could start a fund to help these morons pack.

Anna said...

It would be a better return on investment than what he has gotten so far. Makes one doubt his acument, perhaps his ego has grown to such an extent he thinks success in one field automatically amkes him an expert in another field. All he proves is how wrong that thinking is.