Sunday, August 10, 2008


This is the problem of going to a gun show because a friend wants to start shopping for a .22 pistol and they want you along for advice. You find what seems to be a 100% original, lightly fired 1903A3 Springfield made by Smith-Corona in October 1943. Its in the collection now. Great, just what I need. :)


AndyJ said...

Beautiful weapon, I hope that you are going to shoot it and not just hang it on the wall. I have been toying with the idea of contacting Springfield Armory to recommend that they come up with an '03 in .308 caliber. This would compliment the Garand and the M1A that they have in .308. I would snatch one up in an instant if they would come out with one. I would get an '03 in the 30.06 caliber, but I'm getting too old to add another round to my reloading.

Anna said...

AndyJ, yes I do plan to shoot it some. Be shame otherwise. Bolt is a Remington and shows wear so its been shot. But the barrel is almost pristine. The inspection stamps in the wood are almost perfect also. So not a lot of shooting for this weapon.

Almost bought a 1909 Argentine Mauser with everything numbers matching and all scroll and lettering perfect. But fell for the Springfield instead.

Yes .308 is far more common round. The 30-06 bullets cost alot, more than $1 per bullet. I would need your reload equipment if I made it a regular shooter. So if Springfield does produce a 03 in .308, maybe.