Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In the Labryinth of Obama's Mind

Sen. Barack Obama[D-IL] finds himself in something of a pickel as of late. Last month, after Geheraty at NRO asked where Obama's birth certificate was one certificate of live birth magically appeared at Daily Kos followed by it then appearing on Obama's official site. Talk about something rotten in the state of Denmark. Hawaii will not release it without Obama's consent and Kos beat out Obama on his own certificate? Now some are questioning whether that certificate was photoshopped and Obama's staff is not letting reporters see the original, so the mystery deepens on whether Barack Obama is even a United States citizen.

Now comes another kidney punch to the image Obama has crafted of himself that ties into his birth and family. Obama has portrayed himself as being the product of a strong family even though its already known that his father was already married back in Africa when he met Obama's mother. And that later Obama's father abandoned them both. So there are already cracks in the facade that Obama started crafting in his early years to hide what in the 1960s would be a painful bit of truth.

What is this bit of painful truth? If we are to believe Andy Martin, a noted Chicago reporter and fan of Obama, something that sheds new light on the birth certificate controversy and possibly why Obama is being so guarded about it. If Martin's information is true, it will mean many American voters will have been swindled by a glib talking phony of the first order. Snookered by a man so afraid of his own past he built a new one that ignored the thorny parts. Martin in his new book lays out the argument with supporting facts that Barack Obama's father never married his mother, which would absolve Obama Sr of bigamy charges but label, in 1960s terms, Barry an illegitimate child.

Nowadays even the Catholic Church does not attach the sins of the parents upon the child born of such a union. But for these many years since Barack Obama wrote of what a strong family he came from, Obama has been forced to defend this description even as the truth leaks out. He has invested all of himself into the false facade and can not retreat from it least he be seen as weak. He would, it seems, rather go down as a fraud and liar than risk backing down and admitting to the truth. Or perhaps he has told himself and had told to him this version of his history that he has come to believe it is reality and anything else is but nasty rumour.

This is all speculation on my part based on what others have reported on. But like John Kerry could clear the air on his military records by releasing them, so to can Barack Obama clear the air on his own past by releasing his birth certificate. Unless that document says more than just Obama being illegitimate, perhaps even saying Obama is not a citizen. Until Obama comes clean, these doubts upon all he claims will persist.

If Obama had been honest when he started his career, it would have been a made for TV movie. Boy born of inter-racial parents who are not married, possibly not even a citizen who becomes a Harvard graduate and lawyer, guest lecturer and author, politician and father; it would have been a true rags to riches story affirming what a land of opportunity the United States is. Instead Obama is overshadowed by doubts and conjecture because he will not release one document.

"Look upon my mighty works and despair!" Ozymandius - Shelley.


Legion said...

Holy Cow! Knew his daddy-o was an abandoning philanderer who had numerous marriages (5?) and died in a drunken car crash on the way to another- per a story from B.O.'s cousin in an English newspaper (our papers won't print it). But thought he was not married when he snookered B.O.'s mamma! That bi-racial bastard is a real piece of work! Just tell the truth- don't think you'll get elected if you do? Good!

Anna said...

Legios, jsut tell us how you really feel. LOL

It adds even more questions on the character inside Obama if, after 40 years or so, he can not face this painful part of his past.

Diogenes said...

"IF we are to believe Andy Martin...."

Are you joking?

With just a little bit of effort in Googling, it's pretty apparent that Andy Martin is, simply, incredible. He keeps promising press conferences that never occur, he makes all sorts of wild-ass accusations, and he never backs anything up.

And -- get this -- he was denied a license to practice law in Illinois because the bar beview committee found him to be mentally unstable, shall we say.

And this is a guy you base your own opinions on? That speaks volumes!