Tuesday, June 24, 2008

They mean well, really they do

Got to love the Democrats and their intentions. All they want is what is good. Such pious souls they are, I am sure butter could melt in their mouths.

After all they do want to protect polar bears and caribou in the far north of Alaska from environmental disruptions more imagined than real. What does it matter to such stalwart defenders of what is good if thousands of Americans suddenly find themselves strapped for cash because Democrats have opposed expanding oil supplies to save a few polar bears that may not in fact be endangered.

Al Gore has striven mightily to save our planet from certain environmental destruction; he has won a Nobel and an Oscar. Why else would he jet around the world spewing out tons of carbon dioxide? He has to need the energy consumed by 232 average houses to fight against the dreaded spectre of global warming. Really.

Their intentions on foreign policy are just as above board and pristine. How else to explain their determined opposition to the US invasion of Iraq? They did not want their country profiting from the invasion, that no blood for oil. And just to make sure no one profits from all that Iraqi oil, they are now asking Secretary of State Rice to interfere with the inner workings of the UN recognized government of Iraq to ensure companies like Total or BP or Exxon-Mobil are not awarded contracts. I am so glad they are so principled.

But before people accuse me of cherry-picking Iraq as the prima facia evidence of how sterling Democrats is when it comes to foreign policy, lets look at other Democrat lead endeavours. How about the Speaker of the House visiting Syria and demurely wearing a headscarf to prove how sensitive she was to all the women who are enslaved by that faith we cannot mention by name. Or perhaps the erudite Senatorial scholar who assuredly studies other statesmen’s speeches for inspiration that advocated a partition of Iraq into three parts is right. Nor can we forget another Senator who wants to earnestly talk with the President of Iran with no pre-conditions. After all Democrats are committed to world peace.

Frankly with this kind of good intentions coming from Democrats, I think I much prefer to be ignored. How about you?

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