Friday, May 09, 2008

What is Your Politician's Octane Rating?

Just for fun, a silly absolutely non-scientific survey.

A> 120 Octane - Who's Hot With Rhetoric
Which politician would be as potent as 120 octane gas?
B> 100 Octane - Who's a Hot Spark?
Who would be as explosive as 100 octane gas?
C> 93 Octane - Who is Premium Blend?
Of all the politicians out there, who would be this elite premium blend?
D> 89 Octane - Who is Mixed Blend?
Name a politician who seems to have high aspirations, but keeps hitting low spots.
E> 87 Octane - Who is Just All Right?
Which politician needs to be sent to the minor leagues?
F> Diesel - Not at all Volatile
A politician who seems to get the job done when enough pressure is applied, but their mouth keeps motoring along boring everyone.
G> JP8 - High Flying BS
A Svengale who skillfully uses high sounding language to mask their crude intentions.

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