Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What the Cellphone Heard

Found this via a news story on the Fox News site. The audio is not the greatest and you will probably have to crank up the volume on your speakers.

Petee is an MP in Afghanistan and is due to rotate back next month. During his patrol, after earlier talking to his parents on his cellphone, he was involved in a firefight and something set the cellphone to redial the last dialed number. So his parents answering machine picked up and recorded a firefight. This is what they heard.

I am flabbergasted at this. Get home and hear that on the answering machine. And left wondering if your son is still alive. Nervous, sick with worry, wracked with uncertainty does not adequately cover what these parents had to go through before Petee called back to tell them he was still alive.


Mike's America said...

Just wait until Petee gets the bill for the phone call. That might finish him off!

I didn't know you could get cell service in Afghanistan. Was it Sprint or Verizon?

Anna said...

Mike, is that cell humour? :)

Its amazing how quickly cell service has overrun Iraq and chunks of Afghanistan. But from an info-war viewpoint, its a good sign. Harder to control what the populace knows when they have cellphones.