Saturday, April 05, 2008

Why Some Should Not Own Firearms

They walk into the gun store and:
  1. Ask how to load bullets into a magazine, after they have forced the bullets in backwards.
  2. Ask to buy only five bullets.
  3. Buy a magazine for a pistol and leave, then call back irate since there were no bullets in the magazine.
  4. Holding one single bullet, then spend $400 on a gun that will fit the bullet.
  5. Probably the best reason for them not to own a firearm, they ask to buy just ONE bullet.


Tom said...

I'm not sure about the last one - sure they aren't trying to win the Darwin award?

You are correct - there are people I wouldn't trust with a firearm, my kids, car, etc...

Anna said...

Tom, that is probably what they are striving for. Which is why that kind of request would make me twitch. Or they think they only need one bullet to kill someone and then toss the weapon. Either way, they are up to no good.