Sunday, April 06, 2008


This political season is a very unsettling course towards an iffy resolution that many probably won't be happy with.

We see candidates offering up neat bite-sized morsels that seem to be easy to digest. We hear phrases like 'its 3am' or 'change.' From the audience they reply with 'Yes we can!' It is as if they are part of a gnostic group seeking the ultimate hidden phrase, like abracadabra, that will lead them to their desired socio-political nirvana.

Perhaps what we are seeing is a feedback loop in action. The candidates say meaningless things that the audience lap up with glee and in return the audience strokes the candidates' egos. The problem with this hypothesis is, it could lead to a closed feedback system in which each side is stroking the other side's ego while ignoring reality. This leads to a disturbing thought, who is Clever Hans in this situation or perhaps they are all Clever Hans.

If I was Merlin the Mule, I would be frantically looking for that zipper before Denver rolls around.


Anonymous said...

Simply mavhaleously put Anna! LGF forever! ur pal LEGION

Anna said...

Legios! Up Ares! Down Mars! :)

Thanks, though still not sure where that post came from. My Muse can be amusing it seems.

Still should find a pic of Merlin the Wizard as a mule with beanie cap, but so far my Google search has not turned up such. Drats.