Thursday, March 06, 2008

What Evil Men Do

Ma'alot, Beslen, and now a religious school in Jerusalem. Words that could flow off my fingertips and translate into images online to be read freeze as anger and sorrow seize me.

There is no rationalization or alleged wrong that justifies the butchering of innocent children. Any who do such atrocities and any who support such butchers deserve to get the Mussolini treatment. Not one ounce of human sympathy should be spared for them.


AndyJ said...

And yet Bush is going to give the Palestinians $145 million to keep this up. I wonder what is wrong with our government and the people runnung it (if you can call it that).

Anna said...

Time to scream louder so our elected officials can hear us.

Of course now there is talk Syria was behind this most evil of attacks.