Monday, December 10, 2007

Spies, Lies, and Videotape

The waterboarding tale keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

It seems back in 2002 people like Nancy Pelosi raised no objections to using the method to extract information from uncooperative terrorists. I guess looking at the gaping hole in the Pentagon and the twisted mountain of steel in NYC admirably focused their attention on evil being afoot.

So being diligent information gatherers, the CIA videotaped the method being used so they could review again and again what these terrorists sputtered in answer to questions. And Jane Harmon, former Democratic member of the House Intel Committee, knew these tapes existed. So did the White House. Both warned the CIA not to destroy the tapes.

Well fast forward several years and it seems some have taken to banging a tin drum called Waterboarding in their efforts to fight the policies of President Bush as he leads the global war on terror. Among those banging this drum incessantly is one Nancy Pelosi. Now if she had come out and said she was at first in favor of this method but now upon further reflection found it anathema to the American ideals, then I could almost respect her; but she never did mention her initial support which places her Joanie-Come-Lately purely in the political opportunism class of 'morals' that is so often found in Democrats on the Capitol Hill.

Lets get back to the CIA, the ones performing something akin to witchfinders dunking suspects into the water for confessions, and those videotapes. In 2005, the CIA DO by the name of Rodriguez did something on his own without running to Porter Goss or anyone higher up for cover. He ordered the tapes destroyed and never got around to telling anyone they were destroyed until 2006. Too bad the CIA never exercised that much OPSEC in regards to helping fight the war on terror, instead it seems all the CIA did was leak while supporting the sham theatrics of Valerie Plame. What Rodriguez has done is reinforce the notion that the CIA has gone rogue and is more of a threat to national security than any ten terrorist organisations combined.

Some serious house cleaning needs to be done on Capitol Hill and at Langley it seems.


Mike's America said...

Anyone who moralizes over the evil of waterboarding should visit the Library Tower in L.A. and explain to the occupants why America would be a better place if they were dead.

Anna said...

I think I understand what you are saying Mike, if some are not willing to do rough things to secure the common peace then no one shall know peace as the lawless run unchecked. Or the Eloi have let the Morlocks in because of excessive fear of mistreating the Morlocks.