Monday, December 17, 2007

Lady MacBeth Re-Mix

With time, more information has come out on this case. AP. Reuters. And Telegraph UK.

With each reading I find Poeteray's statements less believable.

At the age of four months, Jade was adopted in South Korea. Then Poeteray was posted to Indonesia. At the age of three Poeteray moved the family to another posting: Hong Kong SAR. Poeteray is a Dutch diplomat and during this time he never finalized her standing as a Dutch citizen. His excuse being her myriad problems distracted the family. Uh, how the heck did Poetery get to take Jade to Indonesia and later Hong Kong without a passport except by filling out other paperwork; unless he had her stuffed in a diplomatic pouch. So here we have Poetery trying to misrepresent the situation to lessen the damage, ie he and his wife are monsters.

Next we have Poeteray saying that Jade has 'fear of attachment issues' that prevented proper bonding in the family. If we are to believe a Dutch nanny the Poeteray's hired in Indonesia, it seems Meta showed Jade little affection and left the rearing of the girl in the charge of nannies. I can see attachment issues arising from that, being raised by hired help and then with the next posting losing the nanny Jade has bonded to, that would mess someone up. Perhaps that is why in 2006 unnamed specialists advised Poeteray and family to no longer have contact with Jade, they are the people who keep ripping up her world.

About the only time Poeteray came close to being right was when he said "This is a private matter, for which we as parents bear the responsibility."

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