Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cycles Repeating

While replying to a post on Najia's blog, stumbled across someone I did not know; a person of rare but certifiably putrid renown named Robert Brasillach.

Google has some excerpts of his life, writings, trial, and execution for being a Nazi collaborator from a book titled The Collaborator: The Trial and Execution of Robert Brasillach.

What struck me in a haunting vuja de sort of way was Brasillach's fervent dreams of settling scores with people he considered enemies.
Ah! Certainly, if, among the nation's enemies, and if - for some absurd reason - we were obliged to remove the lot of them to some island in the Pacific, where would we chose just two for annihilation, I don't think we would hesitate: Mandel and Reynaud must be hung first ... under these conditions why wait?

Now if we substitute Guantanamo for location and Bush and Cheney for names, we get some modern polemics that we have seen espoused at many progressive Leftist sites these past few years. The warning light that should be flashing to all who have a modicum of sense is the fact Brasillach was a French fascist who did not think Petain and his Vichy government was moving fast enough to rid of France of Jews and democracy. And when Nazi Germany occupied all of France, Brasillach welcomed it.

Seems blind hatred is truly illogical, it matters not your political persuasion; what matters is, dear Horatio, that you hate in your heart. All such must be resisted least what the Greeks, the Romans, of the Renaissance, and those of later times assimilated into creating what we call Western Civilisation will be lost.

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