Friday, November 02, 2007

What The Freak?!?!

Right now History Channel is running something called Beyond Top Secret: Iran. Talking of limited Israeli strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities. Plus speculating on how the US could knock things down, even the 30,000lb bunker buster called MOP is mentioned. This show even mentions some people inside the US government leaking US contingency plans in dealing with Iran and its nuclear ambitions.

Needless to say I am slackjawed in shock at all of this. This is akin of Edward R. Morrow discussing during his radio broadcasts possible US plans to invade France at Normandie.

How accurate this speculation is? Lets hope it is very wrong and drives the Iranians insane worrying. But if its accurate and the Iranians are able to thwart, even partially, efforts to deny Iran some nuclear weapons, then the History Channel will have untold thousands of deaths upon its hands.


Mike's America said...

The MOP was new to me. And I didn't know you could carry it in a B-2


Maybe I was confused since they dropped the MOAB with a cargo plane.

I also wasn't clued in on that our technology had reached such a state that we could drop a bunker buster down the hole of the previous strike.

I thought the program was very intersting, surely the Iranians know about our capabilities anyway.

My only question is: When do we strike? The sooner the better if you ask me.

Anna said...

MOP is the son of MOAB and it can be delivered stealthily. It means there is not a single cave or bunker that the USAF can not take out, assuming we have the correct intelligence. I still remember Saddam Hussein coldly putting a bomb shelter above one of his hardended command bunkers so when the Coalition bombed the bunker they killed civilians since allied intel had no information on the bomb shelter.

I think the wonks are overstating the accuracy but I could be wrong with dropping a bomb down a bomb hole. Of course the trick is, you have to wait a bit of time for the first explosion to clear for the second to hit, or things will get screwed up.

The Iranians may know some or most of our capabilites, but I see programs like this and wonder if they left anything out. Which is bad news for the planners and crews.

We have been waiting until 1979, I can wait a bit longer to make sure we have enough assets to totally ruin Iran's nuclear ambitions.