Friday, November 02, 2007

Fiddledee Dee!

There stood the harridan
at ease behind the podium
with her hair perfectly coiffed,
She seemed in total control,
even whilst her eyes blazed
with supreme arrogance,
that others assumed
was confidence.

Alas for her that fateful night,
the eggshell thin mask
of her exalted competence
was undone with one question
by yon ungrateful wretch,
named Russert.

So thus was revealed for all
to see with their own eyes,
the doxy lacked the moxy
that even her dilly-dallying
husband possesed in
more ample quantity.

And now her many cavaliers
rally to her banner like
knights of old decrying
the brutality of Russert's
galling affrontery to such
a genteel lady of good birth.

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