Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Two Web Things

To transition to more of the usual, a couple online gadgets are in order.

You Know Your States
You got 9/10 correct.
You've got a pretty good handle on US geography.
There's a good chance you've visited at least a dozen of the fifty states.

I am still wondering which question I missed. :)

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Fascinating, guess I use too many big words. (:


Myrtus said...

Hah Anna, we all know you're a genius, that's only one of the many reasons we love you. (:

Ooopsie! Looks like I need to work on my US geography a little. "Hey everybody, I'm from Holland. Isn't that funny?"
umm....what movie is that quote from again?:D

"You got 4/10 correct.

So you really don't know the way around the map of the US.
Let's hope you're not American... or if you are, that you've never left your state!"

Anna said...

Myrtus, hahaha! (:

Maybe I ought to dig up a world geography test next. You will probably smoke me there.

The test is a bit snarky with that 'never left your state' comment. Just 100 years ago, how many Americans would think nothing of travelling 100 miles from home? And I bet those children back then could have answered these questions also.

For that movie quote, I would have to Google it since I dont have a clue.