Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remembering the Veterans

To all who who have fallen in all the wars. To those of WWI who have reported to their new postings not of this mortal coil. To those of WWII are still alive and those who have passed on. To those of Korea and VietNam, brutal things that were war in all but name. And now to the current veterans who have spilled their blood and laid down their lives for this nation and our notion of what freedom is all about.

To my grandfather who survived the E-boat attack during the practice of the Normandy landings to landing at D-Day and until now. To a cousin who went ashore at D-Day and came back only to die young. To a German Whermacht veteran of Stalingrad who opened his gasthaus to a bunch of American Luftwaffe late one night and fed us, danke.

To all these I dedicate the following: Lili Marlene since soldiers on both sides loved the song.

English version of Lili Marlene sung in 1972 by Marlene Dietrich.

German version sung by Lale Anderson[1940] set to images of the Whermacht.

German version sung by Marlene Dietrich set to images of her performing shows for Allied soldiers in Germany. Really do like the pics of her at the Siegfried Line. Drives the point home who won.

Finally Lale Anderson again in German set to images of women serving in the German military in WWII.

This post will remain at top until midnight on 11/11/2007 to mark Veterans Day.


Dee said...

Great post and thanks for the reminder!!

Anna said...

No problem Dee. It was subject I felt compelled to write after stumbling across Marlene Dietrich singing Lili Marlene on YouTube. This was easy to do compared to The Lies of Dresden.