Friday, November 16, 2007

The Accidental Truth

While doing research, which is still on going, I stumbled across this article. The author is talking about the building of an environmentally friendly synagogue. It is fascinating reading that at first leads you to the conclusion that this synagogue is going to be simple and more down to earth. What with all the talk of idolatry and the badness of Western commercialism this article is laced with. "A consciousness of temporality" is how it is described.

Also, ironically, you’ve got to have some bank. God doesn’t toss down reclaimed cypress wood like manna. JRC had to fundraise like crazy to enable its green project. So in many contexts, you’ve got to already have enough—or more than enough—to adopt the privilege of a being lifestyle.

Uh oh, the truth is out it seems. To be green, you need lots of green. I think we just hit a contradiction in their logic over their imago mundi. What do you think?

Plus this nugget to chew on: "Should the Hebrew school curriculum be altered to include environmental issues?"

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