Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Winter Project

This is what I will try to tackle this winter to build. Assuming my patience and sanity hold out. Blogging might slowdown as a result.

Update to answer Najia. (: How big is the kit? Added at the top a picture of the incomplete kit to get a glimpse of the size. Well the base is just over six inches by six inches. With the caprine unicorn sitting on the base, the total height of the kit is just under six inches, more like 5 3/4'. There are supposed to be sixty pieces in this kit, not yet opened the two plastic bags to count them, might lose something. The unicorn is made from a complex three-piece mold so have some fine mold lines to remove. The ripple of muscles is plainly evident, very impressive in fact. To prep the parts, paint them, and assemble it is going to be a real challenge.


Dee said...

Pretty cool!!

Myrtus said...

WOW so many pretty details, that certainly does require a lot of patience. How big is it?

Anna said...

It is far different from most WonderFestival figure kits when it comes to showing the female form. This is more like art than fantasy, if one ignores the subjects. :) When I saw it, I dithered but finally bought it because it is so cool.

Najia, it is going to require patience and planning to finish correctly. Hope you like the update I added.

Myrtus said...

Cool, thanks for the update Anna. Quite impressive project, especially considering the level of difficulty involved. I'm looking forward to seeing some future progress updates too. :D