Thursday, October 11, 2007

Restoring International Good Will?

That is one of the oft repeated mantras from the Democrats; that President George W. Bush in his unilateral adventure in Iraq, lets ignore the British, the Polish, etc who are in Iraq also, has estranged the United States from the goodwill of other countries the US accrued just after 9/11.

So what happened today is a really strange result from this earnest effort by Democrats of strengthening ties between the United States and the rest of the world. The NATO member country Turkey, until Iraq and Afghanistan the only democratically elected Islamic country, has recalled it's US ambassador for consultation.

The reason for this recall is the direct result of actions by Democrats in the House of Representatives. They passed a non-binding resolution condemning Turkey for the 1917 massacre of Armenians during World War I. What the resolution fails to acknowledge is the modern country of Turkey is not the same as the Ottoman Turkey country that did carry out the pogrom. The House passed this in spite of pleas from all living Secretaries of State and from the Bush White House.

Now couple this with Sen. Obama[D] advocating the US invade Pakistan while he is stumping for the Democrats Presidential nomination along with Sen Joe Biden's[D] attempt to usurp the UN recognized sovereignty of Iraq and use the much feared Pax American force, more often blamed on such as Reagan and Bush, to split the country into three parts. Sounds pretty cavalier all these proposals.

One begins to wonder if the Democrats really are trying to rebuild bridges with the international world. After elections, France has edged closer to alliance with the US. So to has Germany. Which is a far cry from their previous stances. Both of these events occurred without such Democratic help as the Armenian Genocide resolution. Perhaps Congressional Democrats are trying through these means to isolate the US from allies and thus ensure the United States loses the struggle it finds itself in, all in the name of achieving local political success. Maybe that is their true plan, if it is then as one person has asked before who needs enemies?


Mike's America said...

With the current situation along the Turkish/Iraqi border this action in Congress may end up provoking a conflict that will take innocent lives.

Clearly Democrats have no shame and will simply ignore the consequences of their actions.

Meanwhile, did you see this satire at Scrapple Face?


(2007-10-12) — In the midst of a push by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, to pass a resolution labeling the Ottoman (Turk) Empire genocidal for the death of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915, House Republicans have introduced a bill condemning the Roman Empire for “the wholesale slaughter and domination of most of the known world from about 41 B.C. to 476 A.D.”

Rep. Pelosi, who often refers to her Italian heritage, called the GOP move “nothing short of a hate crime” and “a cynical effort by Republicans to overshadow what could be the first significant accomplishment of the Democrat Congressional majority.”

Anna said...

I hear you Lima Charlie Mike. Democrats keep proving they don't care about anything except staying in power by pandering while ignoring the runaway train that is bearing down on them. Or even worse, they do realize it but crave power more.