Friday, October 05, 2007

Typhoid Craig

Along with Rep. William 'Cool Cash' Jefferson grimly hanging on to his office even as the investigations swirl about him along with the videotapes, we have Sen. Larry Craig to serve as yet another example of how corrosive to the moral fiber of human beings the trappings of power can be. Even though he plead guilty to playing footsies in a bathroom, then said he would resign, but later changed his mind while a judge refused to throw out his guilty plea; Craig still clings to his seat like its a life-preserver.

Word of advice Larry, let go. Save something of your name at least for your family. All you are doing is making yourself the butt of every joke inside the Beltway and outside. Think your constituents are going to vote you back after this wonderful display of dithering and lusting? Ha! As for what the Republicans in the Senate should do in dealing with Craig, shun him and strip him of any seats he holds on committees. Sic transit power, like sands running through hands so would it be with Craig and his lust for being a power in the Senate.

Richard Nixon is a better man than Larry Craig.

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