Sunday, September 02, 2007

Malvoisin, thy name is Louisiana

To mark the second anniversary of Katrina, it seems the politicians of Louisiana are casting aspersions upon their fellow survivors in Mississippi. The editorial board of the Mississippi Gulf Coast sole newspaper, the Sun Herald, starts their Sunday editorial with the following words:

There is a particular sadness with which we consider the offensive launched against Mississippi survivors of Hurricane Katrina on the very somber second anniversary of the awful day in which the great storm devastated our state and caused a civil engineering failure of vast and deadly proportions in Louisiana.

It seems the state of Mississippi has stolen money that Louisiana deserately needs. Right. The cities of Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, and Waveland were wiped out by the fury of Katrina's storm surge. New Orleans drowned because the levees failed and people like Nagin and Blanco would not lead and make the hard calls that would have saved more people.

As Hurricane Felix gathers strength in the Caribbean it seems a very poor and sad thing for the people of Louisiana to be casting envious eyes upon their equally devestated neighbors in Mississippi.


Mike's America said...

It seems old habits among Democrats die hard. Easier to play the victim card and engage in endless rounds of one way fingerpointing than do the job Louisiana politicians were elected to do.

And they'll keep doing this as long as the media fails to hold them to the same standards they daily demand of Republicans.

Anna said...

Divide and conquer via jealously. And pay no attention to the thieving politician behind the cheap green shower curtain.

Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets. - Napoleon