Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In politics,

an absurdity is not a handicap.

Do you crave plastic fundraisers, plastic food, and yes even the seemingly plastic politician? Trust Japan to develop our salvation from this gastronomically twisting conundrum of which came first: the plastic food or the plastic politician. It is still far from perfect as the following video shows, but they are striving to correct the shortcomings as we speak. As spectators and participants of the political game will attest, they can come none too soon. Just to save us from the likes of John Edwards and his plastic smile. So please Japan work harder and save us!

High politic is only common sense applied to great things.

But if the idea of a truly plastic politician which can be programmed to say the right things really turns your stomach, never mind the robot being a cute looking Japanese woman with an equally cute voice, then may I suggest something else? Perhaps a statesman who means what he says? Even if it alienates many who normally support him? If the answer is yes then I offer then for your consideration President George Bush, who just paid a surprise visit to Al-Anbar province of Iraq aboard Air Force One. With Secretary Gates and General Pace among those traveling with President Bush, it sends a clear message to all of American resolve as the President met with Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki just before the Iraqi Parliament reconvenes from its August recess along with tribal leaders of Al-Anbar province.

All quotes - Napoleon.

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