Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Dean-ism

Well one good thing, between the 8PM Eastern update for Saturday and the 11PM Eastern Update, Dean's projected path jogged south so the eye will pass to the south of Jamaica. Bad news it means Jamaica will get more surge battering its coast as the rain fails amidst the 145MPH winds.

The eye of Dean will skirt to the south of the Caymans by about 30 miles at 8AM Eastern Monday with 150MPH winds in that eye. Still expect the Caymans to get deluged and whipped by the wind.

Landfall in the Yucatan Peninsula is now predicted for after 5AM Eastern on Tuesday with winds possibly at 160MPH. Bad news is Dean continues to speed along. At one time it was traveling at 23MPH, right now it is traveling at 18MPH. If it continues at this speed when it strikes the Yucatan, then Dean just might still be a Category 5 storm at landfall. Earlier models suggested winds of 145MPH at landfall. The entire coast of the Yucatan facing Dean is now under a Hurricane Watch as the predicted spot for landfall has shifted south from the tip to the center of the coast. People in the Yucatan, time to get away from the coast.

Looking towards Wednesday and landfall in Mexico. Brownsville, TX is now the northern most point of the strike cone. And like landfall in Yucatan has shifted south, so to has it shifted for the Mexican coast to being about 200 miles south of Brownsville. Eye landfall is expected to 8PM Eastern on Wednesday with winds of 115MPH.

Stay tuned.


Mike's America said...

I just tuned into Fox News hoping to see the rebroadcast of "Fox News Sunday" which is my favorite Sunday news program.

Nothing but Geraldo Rivera and non stop coverage of Dean which doesn't look like it will even come close to the U.S.

If it's not some weather story, it's the latest on Paris Hilton, or some mine disaster.

When are we going to get a news channel that covers REAL news that impacts us all much more than storms in foreign countries?

Anna said...

I think that was what PBS was supposed to be about, at least a little bit. Pure news instead of Progressive Bovine Scattology.

As long as Fox follows the revenue generating model, then yeah the more salacious the story then they will peddle. If it bleeds it leads as they say.

Dean's only US impact so far is the evacuation of the oil platforms so expect an uptick in the low gas prices we have seen - like $2.39 for 87 octane.