Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurricane Dean

Hurricane Dean continues to churn through the Caribbean towards running over Jamaica tomorrow. As of 11AM Eastern the prediction is Dean reaching winds of 155MPH about 8AM Sunday with landfall in Jamaica happening about 2PM with winds of 150MPH.

Last night's 11PM update/prediction for Dean and Jamaica was a 2PM Sunday landfall at 155MPH.

Though one thing is still true from each update, after Jamaica Dean is expected to strengthen to 160MPH before hitting the Yucatan Peninsula on Tuesday about 2AM with winds of about 125MPH.

There is one bit of troubling information, the expected landfall in Yucatan has shifted slightly to the north so Dean will graze the very tip.

As for where Dean will land when it truly hits North America, that is a bit fuzzy. While the Yucatan strike has shifted north slightly, the cone of probability has shrunk so Houston is no longer in that cone. Landfall for the eye is predicted for Mexico about 10PM on Wednesday with winds of 125MPH about 100 miles south of Brownsville, TX.

Of course all of this is subject to change. There is a massive trough of rain hovering over the southern US of which Erin is now part. Dean may veer towards that. Dean may just fizzle. Or Dean will keep going the way its going.


Mike's America said...

God forbid it hits Mexico and the government there uses it as an excuse to push another million across the border.

Thanks for that article about the Mexican plan to fob off their citizens on U.S. taxpayer health care.

Anna said...

I found that article to be unsettling and it begs a post by itself, as in what is the US Federal government doing to protest the Mexican consulates actions. Knowing the State Department, nothing.

As for what can cross the border with these 'refugees' we can probably look forward to spikes in diseases. Something that the US and Mexico knows about and monitors.

Mike's America said...

I don't know what it is like where you are, but all of our social services here are overrun with illegals.

From the WIC recipients to the County Health clinic it's nothing but illegals.

And the ones using WIC at the grocery store here look like they could afford to pay for their food like I do. Most of them are driving pretty nice cars (though I doubt they are insured).

Anna said...

I am usually too busy with work and house to go sightseeing around my local town. But judging by the most local Wal-Mart, there is a rising tide of such.

Strange thing about US government social services, aka Food Stamps, is how people using them seem to live a better lifestyle than the ones paying the taxes. Wasn't it Marx who talked about the haves and have-nots, along with revolution? Something for those who gaily toss out the bread earned by the serfs should well remember least they get serviced by Dr. Guilotine's marvelous machine.