Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Singing For Your Supper

I have never commented on this person before since I considered it a waste of space, but when such a comeuppance happens that event merits commentary epsecially when the person in question has so few redeeming qualities to evoke sympathy.

The woman who was the definition of walking talking narcissistic waste is now facing something akin to pauper hood as her grandfather has cut her out of $60 million in inheritance because of her selfish destructive antics.

But fear not dear readers, she still can redeem herself at least on a personal level. Our erstwhile waif-in-waiting has landed a gig to sing in a science-fiction musical dealing with organ transplants and a doomed human race. No word on the betting pool of when the woman in question will get selected as a live organ donor in this movie since it is still in production. This road to respectability has been travelled before by a woman wearing a scarlet letter around her neck, though Traci Lords did not fall from rarified heights to redeem herself as this woman apparently shall.

Can you guess whom I am talking about?


Mike's America said...

Grandpa Hilton was only going to give her $60 mill?

Poor thing!

Her Mommy and Daddy will likely pass along their bucks to her so she won't starve. Even though she should have been sent to Waziristan as a Peace Ambassador to the Taliban a long time ago.

Anna said...

I vote to send her to Waziristan to star in an Islamic version of Taming of the Shrew.

Of course if she is truly disowned from the Hilton family fortune, will her parents risk their money troughs for their selfish daughter?