Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If You Blink

You just might miss something amazing.

So there I am last night driving into that great pagoda of consumerism called Wal-Mart when I spy the price of gasoline, Regular 87 octane, is standing at a mere $2.55/gallon so I diddy-bop on over most PDQ to fill the tank. Once the vital mission of feeding the metal beast is done, I proceed to perform that other modern ritual, hunting for food in the vast aisles of the Wal-Mart jungle. After thirty minutes I doth emerge successful in the hunt and secure my hard won vittles into my metal beast. As I do so, carefully storing them least they spill everywhere, I glance over to where I just fed my steed and notice the price has gone up to $2.59/gallon.

The adage timing is everything still applies.


Mike's America said...

Was $2.75 here today. With the price of crude at historic high I'm surprised gas isn't even more expensive.

Anna said...

I think we caught the last bit of lag before the price in what is now in the pipelines hits the pumps at higher cost. I expect it to rise some more.