Monday, July 09, 2007

Rewarding Mutiny

This is not cheerful news. National Hurricane Center Director Bill Proenza has gone on leave and Ed Rappaport has been announced as interim director.

As I blogged earlier, 23 members of the NHC signed a letter in protest of Bill Proenza and his campaign to get the QuikSCAT satellite replaced which they described as something that called into question the accuracy of their forecast.

Hello, if there is a degradation of 16% in some of your forecasts then there IS a degradation. And considering how many lives and billions of dollars are at risk with these forecasts you at the NHC should be yelling more loudly to get the satellite replaced since it has lasted longer than planned for.

As for NOAA to put Porenza on leave while their investigation which has barely started, before this manifesto was published, how gutless to reward insubordination. I really do hope Congress under Klein and Landrieu investigate this matter. Something stinks here.

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