Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Not A Hobby Horse

Things in the stewpot called the Beltway just got spicier. Jeane Palfrey continues to have the spotlight on her amidst the controversy of her 'escort' service and whom it serviced.

Her lawyer has not helped things by proving how technologically incompetent he is along with being too trusting. How can I say that, after the brouhaha on 20/20 that netted one guy, Tobias, it seemed the mysterious list of 15,000 customers had vanished back into the shadows.

Montgomery Blair Sibley, Palfrey's attorney, had released to 54 organizations CDs that had all the phone numbers after a July 6 ruling allowed it. They were supposedly encrypted to prevent disclosure of certain information. When the encryption codes of the Blu-Ray DVD have been cracked and an iPhone has been cracked to activate without signing onto AT&T, this beggers the question of how technologically competent Sibley is. Or did he get swindled by another Beltway Bandit company used to selling garbage to the US Government? These organizations were also supposed to have signed an agreement to keep certain things from being published, but alas Sibley's trust was going to be violated by one organization. Which leads us to now, Palfrey's phone records are now available online; put there by Palfrey and Sibley. Good luck getting to them, seems the server is swamped.

This release has caught one more person it its far flung net, Louisiana's other Senator - Vitter[R] has announced he had used Palfrey's services before becoming a Senator and that the matter is now closed.

I predict the feeding frenzy has only started since Monday July 9th was the first full day the phone records were online.

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