Monday, June 04, 2007

Project A-kon 18 photos

Okay, I just finished uploading 41 pictures I took at A-kon this weekend. They can be found over at Photobucket. Enjoy the pictures. :)

Now I have to scoot and take care of many errands. Will post about the Con later.


RightWingRocker said...

So when do we get to see a few of you??


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Hope you had a great time. I am still baffled by this whole cosplay culture. Don't quite understand it, or how it came about.

I do a lot of origami gigs, and have some pix from the Pacific Media Expo out here in Southern Cal. Also, there might be a few in the Japan Expo albums. Photos.

Anna said...

RWR, LOL. Some friends have suggested I cosplay but in this case my courage fails me badly. I tremble, nay I quail in my boots; alas I have shown where my squishy spot is. Be kind. :)

Wordsmith. Cosplay or cospura, for the picky, originates in Japan. It is akin to dresing up as Wonder Woman or Batman for Halloween except in Japan it occurs at conventions like ComiCon. It seems a form of expression or rebellion against the conformity of normal life. Though in the past few year that has started to fall by the way side as flamboyantly clothed and colored young people clog the streets.

It took years for it to really take off in the United States. We are still in adolecense when compared to Japan on this whole cosplay thing. For many years, a costume was a gi or kimono with either a wig or one's own hair dyed purple or orange or blue. Now there are small outfits who will build you a costume of your favorite character so the quality has gone up; along with price. Or you are skilled like the woman dressed as the Cardinal from Trinity Blood - from talking with her she made her costume herself. Just wow.

I view it as an exercise in imagination and creativity. Though some costumes are no-brainers like generic neko-girl or dressing up in a sei-fuku. That stuff is off the shelf. Now the lady who dressed as lunar fairy Morgan from Ah! Megami-sama showed daring and no small amount of skill, like the Cardinal. Cosplay adds spice to a convention that could be visually dull without it.

Wow I waxed loquaciously on this. Sugoi.