Sunday, May 06, 2007

Do-Nothing Democrats - Execpt Obstruct

Back in November I was a bit fearful what a circus the Democrats would make of things, comparing them to kids in a candy store.

Boy did I misunderestimate them in the depth of their fecklessness, stupidity, and corruption.

They spent 86 days on an 'emergency' funding bill for the military that managed to head to the lower left corner of the graph to create a non-optimum solution that President Bush, acting more quickly - after all he did not take a vacation like Congress did during their passing of this bill, killed the bill with a stroke of a pen given him by the father of a fallen Marine. I wonder how Jack ex-marine Mr. ABSCAM Murtha felt about that? Truthfully I don't care what that greedy unscrupulous dastard feels, he is part of the problem.

Pelosi and Murtha being too busy to listen to General Petraeus except via a teleconference. Petraeus could have conducted that from Baghdad, except earlier he did and most Democrats skipped it. How can they offer any alternative to the current strategy if they do not attend such briefings? The truth is, they can not. Reading the transcripts is not the same as asking the guy speaking. Assuming Rep. Silvestre Reyes knows the difference between Shia and Sunni by now, Pelosi put him in charge of the House Committee on Intelligence versus Rep. Harmon who had been the senior Democrat before the Democrats took over, alas Rep. Harmon had gotten in a personal tiff with Pelosi so Pelosi tossed Harmon.

These are people who are not serious about anything except their pet projects. What are their pet projects? Well they got President Bush to sign a hike in the minimum wage into law and so far that is their only victory. The House and Senate just passed a law to expand the scope of what a person can be charged for as a hate crime, this is scheduled to become President Bush's third veto because of how it oversteps what the Federal government is Constitutionally allowed to do. And now I read the Democrats want to divert intelligence funding to study the impact of global warming on national security. Not only is this a ridiculous waste of funding, it is also micro-management of the intelligence community; it would be akin to telling the CDC to focus on herpes while ignoring Hemorrhagic Fever.

In the Senate, things have not been much better. Sen. Hillary Clinton [D-NY], in a blatant attempt to reconnect with the far-left for her Presidential bid, has teamed up with Sen. Byrd [D-WV] to rewrite the AUMF that sent the US and its allies into Iraq to include a five year sunset clause which would force the US out before the end of this year. This has as much chance of passing as a snowball does lasting in Baghdad.

And before I leave the Senate, lets talk corruption. I am still boggling over the possible amount of profiteering Sen. Diane Feinstein [D-CA] accumulated over her time on the Senate MilCon committee as she helped funnel money to two companies owned by her husband by her actions. The price I have heard is over $1billion, which in the la-la land of DC is called real money. Makes Rep. Randy 'Duke' Cunningham [R-CA] and Rep. Willian 'Cool Cash' Jefferson [D-LA] pikers. And how strange that Feinstein stepped down from the MilCon committee about the same time her husband sold off the companies.

As for the emergency funding bill that got sent back to Congress. The Democrats have seen it blow up in their face this plan to force a retreat. Right now about the only person with a lower approval rating than Congress is Olmert of Israel who hovers at 2% approval. So now the Democrats are jettisoning the time lines while currying reluctant Republicans to pass the new version. Why are they so assiduously courting Republicans now? By getting rid of the time lines, the House has offended the out of Iraq crowd led by the likes of Rep. Maxine Waters who now plan to vote against this new version.

This is what the American voters got by voting Republicans out of office. The Democrats got into power promising to be different. Well Democrats are good at selling a bill of goods, but lousy on delivering. We have even seen the 100 day promise morph into 100 hours in session and now that promise has also vanished. That is one thing the Democrats are good at, moving the goalposts to mask their failures.

Update: Mike is right. The minimum wage hike was attached to the 'emergency' war funding bill as an added incentive for President Bush to sign it. Which means in the first FIVE months of this year, this Congress has done nothing but grandstand for the media. Wow that is different than the previous Congress.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

It boggles my mind how Matthews could talk about the supposed "Republican Culture of Corruption" at the Republican debate when we have all these examples of Democrat corruption that you so wisely point out.

The idiot swing voters who voted the Dems in are probably not even paying attention to whats happening now but if they are I hope they are happy with the mess they helped usher in.

Mike's America said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but when did Bush sign a minimum wage increase?

Last time I checked, the Dems haven't actually passed ANY of their much ballyhooed 100 hour legislative extravaganza.

They've been too busy playing games.

Speaking of which, did you happen to catch Senator Dodd on Fox News Sunday? Still following the party line that we need to witdraw from Iraq so we can fight Al Queda. It's been repeatedly pointed out to these idiots that the "Civil War" in Iraq has quieted down and that the violence is primarily Al Queda.

And I haven't heard one Dem tell us how we are going to fight them if we leave them in Iraq and withdraw.

Anna said...

Mike you are right. They could not even get the minimun wage hike passed. Why? They attached it to the war funding bill.

Updated post to reflect this. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

I missed Sen. Dodd blathering the party line. Sounds like I missed nothing.

They aer silent because they still ahve no plan after five years. Except stick head in hand and hope it all goes away.

RightWingRocker said...

Just more proof that they're all the same, Republican and Donk alike. They're ALL a bunch of liberal pansies who have no regard for their Constitutional limitations.