Friday, November 03, 2006

NYT is for Vendetta

Mere days from Tuesday's election and we find another brilliant piece from the New York Times attempting to influence things.

Oh my gosh! Its the end of the world as once again the inept administration of George Bush puts out on the Internet all the nit-picky pieces on how to build a nuclear weapon. Sound the alarm! Get the pitchforks and torches! To arms!

Oh wait these captured documents are from Iraq that document the former regime of Saddam Hussein and his minions games with various inspection teams as they pursued the creation of weapons of mass destruction.

So to battle once again rode the New York Times and all of its vast army of experts. So the Bush Administration listened to the calls of alarm and took down the web-site that contained the thousands of documents, both translated and untranslated. And now the New York Times trumpets their victory against the inept Bush Administration in broadsides printed in their newspaper.

Sounds all grand and praiseworthy doesn't it? Until one starts to think on things. The Internet is not like a small publishing house that can be raided and shut down in the dead of night like such progressive governments like Cuba still do. Once something is on the Internet it is cached by entities like Google or Yahoo; those are the big names. Will the New York Times now demand these companies purge their caches or are they expecting the US Government to do the fell deed to spare the New York Times from being splashed with excrement? Even if these caches are purged, there are still the individuals who have stashed on hard drives, thumb-drives, or CD-Rs these documents; some want to try and translate them to get a better understanding or to bring important facts out for public scrutiny and others probably have less honorable motives like actually building the dreaded things.

So this is a truly empty gesture carried out by people who have no understanding of what the Internet is, all because they have a strong animus towards George Bush the person.

You see dear readers that is the true problem with carrying a vendetta too far. It blinds you to anything except the ends. Like A Khan of Pakistan who ran his own nuclear eBay auction site before Pakistan shut him down. Or declassified documents in the National Archives that one enterprising college student used to design on paper a small nuclear weapon as a class project, the student passed while his project itself was classified.

P.S. Thank you New York Times for Swift Boating Joe Wilson by validating the legitimacy of all these documents that showed Iraq was perhaps a year away from a nuclear weapon when the Coalition liberated Iraq from the depredations and depravity of Saddam Hussein.


Anna said...

Well, it's all Bush's fault and it was a scare tactic "October surprise" type thing to give Iraq more credibility prior to the elections. Yeah, uh huh, whatever!

Anna said...

'dem Dems make no sense! :)