Friday, November 03, 2006

More 9/11 Victims Identified

A flight attendant from American Flight 11 that crashed in the North Tower of the World Trade Center is among the three latest identified by the New York City's medical examiner. Her name was Karen Ann Martin of Danvers, Mass.

Meanwhile since the accidental discovery of human remains found in a manhole that had been paved over by a service road to help remove rubble from the WTC site and then forgotten, more than 200 other pieces of human remains have been found in various places around Ground Zero. New York City has once again expanded it's search for remains since roughly 40% of the vicitms who died that clear September morning have still not been identified.

Lets remember those three families who now finally have closure and pray the others who are still missing but presumed dead are also found and identified.


Anna said...


Anna said...

Perhaps, just perhaps they will account for all the people. Then I remember all the MIA from Korea and VietNam. The anguish of not truly knowing is something that I find hard to imagine and my heart goes out to these people.